About ODG Technologies

ODG Technologies is an innovative developer and supplier of technically advanced, smart accessories for the Critical Communications Industry.

ODG Technologies offers a range of products designed for the highly demanding environment of the First Responder. Creating a safe environment for Police, Fire-fighters, the Emergency Services and Industrial Users is crucial. Our focus is to make the working environment safer through the application of technology.

We have vast experience in research, development and sales in the critical communications and telecommunications markets and understand the vital role of smart communication solutions in today’s working environment.

With offices in Ireland, USA and a network of distributors, ODG continues to develop a broad portfolio of state of the art critical communications products for global markets.


Industrial Sectors


“When a firefighter has a critically urgent message to give, there is often extremely loud background noise. The many possible sources include an interior fire alarm, a gas powered forcible entry saw, a vehicle siren or a PASS Alarm. The ODG ‘Clear Mission’ speaker microphone suppresses noise so successfully you can be heard in the loudest environments. Now, your Mayday will be heard and the message will be understood. This new firefighting tool will save a life!” Robert Keys, FDNY Battalion Commander (retired)