Firefighters’ goals are to save lives, property and the environment. A fire can rapidly spread and endanger many lives, speed is crucial. When the flames are roaring or the sirens are wailing, you want to focus on the job at hand. Get everyone out of the building safely and put the fire out. The last thing you want to think about is whether you are being heard or not.

You need a speaker microphone with quality noise-cancelling feature that takes away the noise from flames and sirens so you can be heard loud and clear. You need to know that everyone has cleared the building and that you can safely proceed.

The ODG ‘Clear Mission’ speaker microphone reduces the level of background noise by more than 98% ensuring clarity of communication in the most demanding environments. Clear Mission is temperature resistant and rugged ensuring reliability even in the harshest of environments.

Clear Mission delivers the communication you need when responding to a crisis.


Industrial Sectors


“When a firefighter has a critically urgent message to give, there is often extremely loud background noise. The many possible sources include an interior fire alarm, a gas powered forcible entry saw, a vehicle siren or a PASS Alarm. The ODG ‘Clear Mission’ speaker microphone suppresses noise so successfully you can be heard in the loudest environments. Now, your Mayday will be heard and the message will be understood. This new firefighting tool will save a life!” Robert Keys, FDNY Battalion Commander (retired)