Whether you work in an electric plant, a nuclear power plant, a natural gas company, a water company or any other utility, it’s an unpredictable world and there is no room for mistakes. Health and safety is of utmost importance and clear, constant communication between workers is essential.

Noise, from vehicle movement on a construction site, drilling operations in a mine or on an oil rig, machinery in a power plant or industrial environment, stormy conditions, can mask hazards and warning signals. Background noises and distractions, which are an everyday part of these environments, can cause work errors and accidents resulting in the loss of time, money and in many cases lives.

Industrial and Utility workers need to have reliable communication equipment to receive alarms, give and receive instructions, and report on conditions. They need clear, crisp communications so they can hear their colleagues, whatever the situation.

ODG Technologies provides critical communication solutions for the Industrial and Utility sectors reducing hazards and making them safer working environments.


Industrial Sectors


“When a firefighter has a critically urgent message to give, there is often extremely loud background noise. The many possible sources include an interior fire alarm, a gas powered forcible entry saw, a vehicle siren or a PASS Alarm. The ODG ‘Clear Mission’ speaker microphone suppresses noise so successfully you can be heard in the loudest environments. Now, your Mayday will be heard and the message will be understood. This new firefighting tool will save a life!” Robert Keys, FDNY Battalion Commander (retired)