What is active noise cancelling? Active noise cancelling is an approach to reducing the level of background noise. Two microphones and digital signal processing techniques are used to distinguish the user’s voice from background noise and produce a clean audio output.

How much noise reduction do you get with Clear Mission? The amount of noise reduction achieved is dependent on a number of factors, but level of background noise relative to the level of the voice is a key factor. Clear Mission can eliminate over 97% of background noise (30dB), even when the noise is twice as loud as the voice.

What is “positional robustness”? An ordinary speaker microphone is “positionally weak” because it is very dependent on position of the users mouth relative to the microphone. The user has to turn their head and speak directly into the microphone so that their voice can be heard clearly. Clear Mission is “positionally robust” because it is much less dependent on relative positioning. The user can keep their eyes focused where they need to and be confident that their message is getting through.

Is Clear Mission compatible with my radio? Clear Mission is designed to mimic an ordinary speaker microphone, so it can be made compatible with the majority of radios in the field today. Check our listing of available connectors. If we don’t have a connector listed that is compatible with your radio, then contact us directly and we’ll be happy to discuss when your connector will be available.

Where can I buy Clear Mission?

Please contact us directly on telephone number +1.617.803.6019 or email sales@odgtechnologies.com.

Can I become a distributor for Clear Mission?

Please contact us directly on telephone number +1.617.803.6019 or email sales@odgtechnologies.com.

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“When a firefighter has a critically urgent message to give, there is often extremely loud background noise. The many possible sources include an interior fire alarm, a gas powered forcible entry saw, a vehicle siren or a PASS Alarm. The ODG ‘Clear Mission’ speaker microphone suppresses noise so successfully you can be heard in the loudest environments. Now, your Mayday will be heard and the message will be understood. This new firefighting tool will save a life!” Robert Keys, FDNY Battalion Commander (retired)